Opinion Survey on Sharia in the United States

Introduction - For the data collected to be of value for planners and law makers, who will receive the results of this survey, it is imperative the conduct of this survey ensure the anonymity of respondents. The procedures for collection of data are designed to make sure the responses a person gives will NEVER be linked to that person. The demographic data ask for is necessary for meaningful results. If you choose to be informed of the results, be sure any contact data you provide is submitted on a SEPARATE input medium.

  • Do you think the the U.S. Constitution and Sharia are compatible?
  • Do you think that members of Islam have taken many overt actions to supplant the national legal systems of the ‘western’ countries they have heavily immigrated into with their Sharia?
  • Do you think it is possible for a Muslim to reject Sharia and still identify as a Muslim?
  • Should Muslims be exempted from certain U.S. laws because those laws are not supported by Sharia?
  • Do you think the requirement that students in U.S. public schools be assigned the memorization of Islamic prayers and forced to participate in Islamic culture events is reasonable?
  • Do you think Islam, and all it’s beliefs, should be allowed to operate with impunity from government scrutiny because of the 1st Amendment?
  • Would you be in favor of a Constitutional Amendment to define ‘Religion’ so any group which calls for the harm, enslavement or death of those who refuse to join its ranks will not qualify as a ‘religion’?
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